tree pruning service raleigh

Top Questions To Ask Before Your Trees Are Trimmed

When spring hits the weather will get warmer feeding the growth patterns of our trees.  When this happens it is important that you get your trees trimmed back and maintained.  Hiring a tree pruning service raleigh will ensure that your trees are healthy as well as not causing damage to anything else.  Before hiring a tree tripper you may want to ask the following questions.

How much of the tree will you trim?

When trimming a tree a professional will know how much of a tree to trim back.  If you are not a professional or know much about trees you could easily damage or even kill a tree from pruning.

tree pruning service raleigh

Are trees around power lines?

Power lines and other obstructions are the primary reason people have trees trimmed.  However, when doing this it is very important that the correct equipment is used and great care is taken.  A careless worker can easily get hurt or killed from the power in the lines as well as the tree limbs falling off and causing damage to power lines and other objects.

When will you come?

Getting a firm date and time is important.  When you have a firm time you will be able to move your car and other items that may be in the way.  When trimming trees you don’t know what will fall and where.  Most trimmers are professional but accidents do happen.

Are you licensed and insured?

Before hiring a company to trip your trees make sure that they are licensed and insured.  Many tree trimmers will work for the city which will require them to be up to date on all of their licenses.  However, if you are hiring a company for personal use then making sure that they are licensed and insured and what that insurance covers will be very important.