how to tell if ac is workingcause issues with your unit

Tips To Keeping Your AC Humming In The Hot Summer Weather

Summer is here and it not showing any signs of going away any time soon.  These are the thoughts of many people across the country who are dreading the summer heat.  When the cold weather finally begins to fade away for the cool spring breezes many begin to think about their air conditioner.

Many people want to know how to tell if ac is working or not before the hot weather arrives.  The first thing that you can do is turn it on.  Typically, if we are using your ac to heat your home in the winter then it is a good bet that your unit is functioning.  For those that don’t use their AC for heat here are some tips and steps you can take to make sure your AC works.

Keep it clean

Like any piece of equipment, we may have keeping it clean and dust free will help prevent extended wear and tear on the unit.  Going outside and hosing off the unit of dust and dirt will be a good thing to do at the start of each season.  From there make sure that all your grass, bushes and trees are away from the unit.  Having these items around your AC will bock the air flow.

Check your air conditioning pad

When an air conditioner is installed it is placed on a cement pad.  If your AC was not installed on a cement pad, then you will want to have one installed.  Having the ac on the ground is not a good way to keep your unit functioning.  If you do have a pad make sure that it is not cracked, growing mold or any other issues that may prevent your unit from functioning properly.

Check screws and other connections

Over time your ac will hum and vibrate.  This vibration can increase over time causing connections to loosen as well as come apart.  When checking your AC make sure that all of these connections are tight, that the screws to the cover are in place and that the fans and blades are not bent.  A visual inspection will probably be enough but having someone do an inspection is always a wise course of action.

Fresh batteries

The thermostat is what controls your unit.  Over time these batteries will weaken and die.  To replace them you will want to have a firm grasp on the front plate and pull forward.  Once it is removed you will see two batteries.  Make a note as to the direction each battery is facing and then pull them out.  Replace the batteries and reattach the face plate.

how to tell if ac is workingcause issues with your unit

Do monthly inspections

Once your ac is up and running don’t neglect it.  Sudden storms, general use and unforeseen events can cause issues with your unit.  In your inspections place your hand over the top of the unit where the fans are and feel how much air is being pushed out.  Listen for any rattling inside and out and of course if you think you are having a problem call someone to check it out.  The last thing you want is to have a broken unit on a hot summer day.