gutter painting grosse pointe woods mi

Creating A Great Exterior Look For Your Home

When we look at our home we want to have a sense of pride and accomplishment.  When our homes look ragged and worn it is time to take action and give them a facelift.  Giving your home a nice coat of paint will start the process.  Finishing the job with some gutter painting grosse pointe woods mi and trim work will round out the overall work.  From there go ahead and add some other accents to your home.

gutter painting grosse pointe woods mi

Designer railings

Railings leading up to your home can add a visual appeal to your home.  Wooden railings are the basic starter design followed by rod iron.  When installing railings make sure they are installed securely.  Besides giving a visual look to your home they need to offer support as well.


Having a nice walkway leading up to your home is also a nice touch.  Brick, Slate and even a crushed stone walkway will give emphasis to your home.  Using different colored materials or items that have unique tones will also make your home more inviting.


Lighting is often overlooked.  When we add different types of lighting to our homes we can increase security, safety and give a unique feel for ourselves and the neighborhood.  Lighting can be put on a timer and even redirected towards specific plants to give them an extra life.  Colored bulbs will also add interest.

Shutters and windows

Trimming out your home with decorative shutters and other accents will personalize your home.  Flower boxes and hanging plants add a splash of color that will invite life and love into the home.

When designing the look and feel of your home every detail is important.  Taking your time and starting with the right exterior paint color for your home can be the base for a living canvas you create and live in.